Breathe Clear® Nasal Dilator Strips
Breathe Clear® Nasal Dilator Strips
Breathe Clear® Nasal Dilator Strips
Breathe Clear® Nasal Dilator Strips

Breathe Clear® Nasal Dilator Strips

Breathe Clear®

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Our Breathe Clear Nasal Dilator strips have been proven by a highly reputable third-party test lab to have a higher lifting force and better adhesion than other nasal strips. 

Why it’s a good choice: Breathe Clear has a unique shape with a patented multi-flex technology that completely lifts up the nostrils to keep your nose completely open. You get more airflow intake with less resistance to breathe easier. The wider design covers more surface area on your nose and forms a stronger bond to prevent annoying pop offs. The strength of the flexor lifts and opens, penetrating the deeper more congested regions of your nasal passageways. 

You get instant relief when you need it the most. Drug-free. Hypoallergenic. 

 When to use: If you get nasal congestion from colds and allergies, use the strip and as often as you feel you are getting the desired benefit. If you exercise, the strip helps create less airflow resistance, especially for endurance activities like running and cycling, so you can breathe through your nose. If you want a quieter night with your partner, the strip may help reduce snoring. This is not a cure for sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea in any form, please consult your physician. 

Use the strips day or night.

First time user? If you don’t have any idea what a nasal strip does, it works mechanically using a spring type plastic element. The sticky adhesive side instantly sticks to your skin. Between the spring like action and the adhesive, it keeps the strip correctly positioned on your nose, to gently lift and open your nasal passageways. 

We only make one size to fit most nose shapes and sizes for everyone; Women, Men, and Kids. It works well with our nasal vapor inhaler to reduce stuffiness, and our Restful Sleep gummies. Excellent solutions for better breathing and sleep. 


How to apply/remove:

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While you will find useful directions to follow on our packaging, make sure you wash your nose thoroughly, then dry your nose to ensure there are no oils on your skin. You simply remove the paper backing from each side of the strip, then apply it to one side of your nostril as shown. Stretch it across to the other nostril, then press down firmly with your fingers across the entire strip to make sure it adheres and doesn’t lift up in any area. If it lifts up, press it down again for several seconds. To remove the strip, DO NOT rip it off your skin, any ripping motion can tear skin. Either dampen the strip in the shower with warm soapy water or dampen it at the sink using warm and soap water.  When it’s completely moistened, gently lift up at one end and continue lifting across your nose. Discard the strip after use.


Two different styles: Extra Strength-Tan. Recommended for nighttime use. The strip has a heavier adhesive coating. Use it for sleep and exercise. Ultra-Performance-Clear. Our semi-transparent strip is recommended for daytime or nighttime use. It has a lighter adhesive coating for more sensitive skin. Either strip helps relieve nasal congestions due to colds and allergies. 

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